Tips for choosing a water bottle supplier in Mayur Vihar

Mineral water bottle

Mineral water bottle

There are a great number of water suppliers in Delhi but all of them are not equal. If you are at this article, you are surely hunting for a reliable water bottle supplier in Mayur Vihar. Because of the extensive presence of these suppliers, it becomes a cumbersome task to pick the good ones. Here are the tips which will help you find water suppliers:

  • Regular sanitation facility

The mineral water bottle if not sanitized properly, can appear dirty and be un-hygienic to use.  There are occasions where one can even find the presence of algae at the base. Therefore, before selecting, inquire the supplier about their sanitation facility and how quickly they do the sanitation service.

  • Delivery frequency

Be it your home or your office, running out of drinking water is always bad. Water is something you can’t avoid. Make sure that the supplier regularly delivers the water bottles in your vicinity. Also ask them to show their delivery schedule, so that you can also fix the time when the bottle can be delivered to you.

  • A free trial

These days the water suppliers provide a free trial to the customers, where they fit in their bottle to the customer’s dispenser. So, before signing a contract, ask him for a no obligation free trial of his service.

  • Their water resource

Water, water everywhere, still water is never the same. Find from them, the source from where they get the water. Check on the composition of minerals present in the water from that source. This way you can be assured that the water is safe for you.

  • Installing of the equipment

Last but not the least, in case you lack the water cooler, you need that equipment before getting the water bottles. So, ask them if they provide the equipment and how quickly can they install it. There are suppliers who install the equipment free of cost.


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